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All Art students will be working with 3- Dimensional art work in the coming months.  Some students will work with converting 2- Dimensional work, which is usually done on paper or any flat surface, into a 3- Dimensional art form.  Two-dimensional shapes can be matched with three-dimensional forms (i.e. circle/sphere, square/cube, and triangle/pyramid). Some of the students will be working with paper other classes will be working with clay.  Eventually, all students will work with clay by the end of the school year.  There are specific art classroom rules when working with clay that I want to share.

Clay rules:

· No throwing clay or tossing it up in the air.

· Do NOT clap hands when clay has dried up.

· Do NOT shake burlap mats with dried up clay.

· Never take clay out of art room.

· Recycle unused clay by placing in plastic bag.

· If rules are not upheld students will not be working with clay.